A cool addition to the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software is that of the BlackBerry Video Store. Much like the Music Store, it allows you to browse movies and TV shows for both purchase and rental. There is a pretty good collection of titles (although it could always be better) so most likely something for everyone. It does have it's quirks however as I found out, like the abscence of Back to the Future despite both BTTF II and III being available. Once I recovered from that blow, I did find quite a few movies that I would say are worth downloading. Older titles will run you around $9.95, while shiny new ones are $19.95. When you choose a title to purchaes or rent (after signing up for an account) you can even watch while it continues to download which is a pretty sweet deal. Overall I really dig the Video Store but I just hope the catalog continues to get bigger. Currently available only in the US, the Video Store comes pre-installed on the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software. And yes, I love Robin Hood even though I hate Kevin Costner :-)