At first glance I wasn't sure I'd be a big fan of Motorola S7-HD headset, but after a few weeks of use I must say I'm impressed. Overall I have no major complaints on this one, aside from the slight "looseness" (for lack of a better work) of the headphone again the ear. They clip on well and hold tight around the ear, but the headpone sits a bit off the ear at times, yet they don't get annoying or hurt after a while like some other units. The sound is crisp and clear, although there are better sounding units out there, this one is a good pick if you're too hard on the sound of the tunes. If you're a runner or use the headset at the gym, I think you'll be very pleased. The ease of use and portability make this a great overall choice. Check out the video for a quick review, and head to for more info.

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