Video Poker for BlackBerry Smartphones

If you want the casino feel without losing your paycheck, then check out Video Poker by Chef Delivered Ltd. The developer behind Solo Deck has just released a brand new version of the classic game for BlackBerry smartphones. This is specifally designed to take advantage of the higher resolution OS 7 devices.

Currently, it comes with three variations of video poker which you can play single or three-handed: Jacks or Better, All American, and Deuces Wild. Layout is pretty simple, you have your pay table on top and the cards layed out below. Players can bet from one to five credits on the random 5-card hand they are dealt and decide which cards to hold until the final draw determines the results. You can even change the overall look of the game by changing the skin and the designs for the card faces/backs. Plus there's a strategy mode where it will evaluate your hand to make sure you pick the "best" cards before the final draw.  


  • The user interface takes advantage of touch screens on newer models, and adapts the screen layout to portrait or landscape mode. Keyboard use is supported simultaneously.
  • Tablet/pad editions of the game have enhanced graphics and features such as swipes and gestures for navigation among the game's several screens. You can also choose different designs for the card faces, and different skins (the overall look and feel of the game).
  • The volume level for sound effects can be adjusted, or turned off completely if you need to play in a quiet environment.
  • There are currently 3 variations of the game built-in: Jacks or Better, All American, and Deuces Wild. The first 2 variations are very similar, having slightly different pay tables. The third game changes the 4 deuces into wild cards, with its own unique pay table.
  • This Video Poker app has options for both single-hand, and triple-play games. The single-hand game is pretty simple, as already described. In triple-play, there are 3 poker hands on the screen. The game deals to the hand at the bottom of the screen; when you hold cards in this hand, the cards in the same position(s) in the hands above are automatically held also. Each hand uses its own deck of cards.

This is a pretty addicting game if you love poker and it runs smooth on all my devices. Video Poker is available for BlackBerry devices running OS 5 and higher for a low price of just $0.99. There is also an optimized version for the BlackBerry PlayBook and you can download either the free trial or the full featured version at just $0.99. Just be warned that the trial requires a restart after every game. 

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