A 40-hour hackathon took place over two weekends in ten cities back in October and was said to be a huge success. The event gave developers a chance to design and create apps over a 40-hour period, complete with food, coffee and plenty of Red Bull. It also gave them a chance for developers to learn from experts as well as from others at the event.

There were over 1000 developers in attendance and you can check out the video above to see highlights of BlackBerry JamHack. It certainly seemed like a great atmosphere and it was good to see that there were also first timers in attendance.

For more city specific videos you can check those out below for Manila and Jakarta.

Don't forget BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 is coming up soon, there is still time to register for the event. Our very own CrackBerry Kevin will be in attendance, so if you are looking to go, get registering now.

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