Now, this is what I was hoping for earlier this morning. Guess we all just had to wait a little bit longer. CellGuru has just posted up a nice first look video of the BlackBerry 9670 which is of course running BlackBerry 6. This is the closest run through of BlackBerry 6 we have seen so far, minus the BlackBerry 6 preview video posted by Research In Motion.

While a little blurry, you can see for sure the device is running OS and while we're not exactly sure how up to date that release is, it sure seems to be flying on the device. BBM (, FaceBook, Twitter for BlackBerry and even Viigo appear to be loaded. One thing missing here is the BlackBerry browser but we do get a quick glimpse of the YouTube application seen from the WES video as well. Now that we got a better look at things, what are your thoughts? Leave some comments, can't wait to hear.

Source: TheCellularGuru