If you been following the twitter the past little bit, you'll know there's been some good working being done by three guys who want to give you the power to root your BlackBerry PlayBook (which then leads to all sorts of fun stuff by having root access to the PlayBook OS).

The exploit was found xpvqus who has been working hard with neuralic these past few months to further the initiative, and with cmwdotme recently joining the team things look to be ramping up to the release of the awesomely-named DingleBerry tool.

Watch the video above by neuralic to see some video proof of gaining root access to the PlayBook OS. You can also check out another video below where cmwdotme shows Hulu running again on the PlayBook thanks to the DingleBerry tool. We'll be watching these guys anxiously to see what comes next. We'll also be watching to see how fast RIM gets a patch out the door for this.