CrackBerry Goes Nokia

Week #5 in the Smartphone Round Robin is here, the last week of trying smartphones outside of BlackBerry, and it has me on two Nokia devices, the N97 and N900. Picking up these phones, I can honestly admit I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOKIA SMARTPHONES. Nokia seems to take a back seat in the North American marke, but on a worldwide scale they're HUGGGE. I didn't know what to expect at all when I sat down with Matt Miller of, but quickly learned that Nokia's smartphone offering is actually pretty intense. Who would have thought they've had a Webkit-based browser for years (before Apple's Mobile Safari browser even) or that 5 megapixel cameras with double LED flashes that take pretty frick'n amazing pictures are sort of a standard thing. If you've got ten minutes to klll, check out the video below to get a glimpse into the world of Nokia.

And if you're a Nokia expert or want a chance to win a Nokia smartphone, be sure to chime in on my post over at Final review coming later this week!

CrackBerry on Nokia - Video First Impressions