This Hour has 22 Minutes is damn funny Canadian television satire that pokes fun of just about everything. And since they are from Canada and Research in Motion is a Canadian company, from time to time they like to poke fun at the makers of the ubiquitous BlackBerry Smartphone (and to my knowledge haven't been sued by RIM yet!).

Last night when I was working away getting the Valentine's Contest up on the site, a re-run from back in March was on that I had never seen before. It's pretty funny - a display of CrackBerry Addiction at its finest. They're poking fun at two RIM VPs and the stock option faux pas that went down last year that made Jim Balsillie step down to the position of co-CEO.

OH, and if you haven't seen it before, the hilarious BlackBerry helmet skit was done by another excellent Canadian show - the Rick Mercer Report. Watch that afer the jump!

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