BlackBerry is reaffirming the software focus and starting to more broadly share the 'BlackBerry Secure' branding on social media. In a new video on YouTube, BlackBerry highlights some of the critical endpoints they cover with software security. There have been some videos that address pieces of this strategic pivot, but this latest video really puts it all together. It's also very timely considering the new licensing deals they've struck and the impending launch of The Merc later this month in Barcelona.

Redefining the company's focus and purpose is important. It's imperative that a company go boldly through its transition and make its goals clear. In this video you can easily grasp that BlackBerry plans to be the connective glue holding embedded systems, software and services together. As the gold standard BlackBerry has always had security as a fundamental layer in everything they do. BlackBerry wants the branding to spread more widely, that services and products are 'BlackBerry Secure' akin to the 'Intel Inside' moniker. Expanding on this branding will help transform the mind-share around BlackBerry as a software entity whose ultimate offering is security.

BlackBerry is a mobile-native security software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. From Unified Endpoint Management to secure communications and collaboration, BlackBerry software provides the embedded intelligence to secure the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things can thrive.

There's a pressing need for companies to reassert their security foundation and there's really no better time for BlackBerry to start spreading this message. Security as a service is a tough sell but BlackBerry is uniquely positioned to make these synergies work toward the bottom line.

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