Many moons ago Viber confirmed they would indeed be bringing voice calling feature to their BlackBerry app. At the time, they even offered up a video demo of the app working on device and made the promise that come April, BlackBerry OS users would have voice-calling added. Keeping good on that promise, a new Viber beta has been posted and is readily available for download over the air.

As posted to their site, the app currently only supports BlackBerry OS 5 & BlackBerry OS 7 as BlackBerry OS 6 suffers from some technical limitations that are not present in the other versions. The beta release, sitting at v2.4 also brings along with it a few other bug fixes, performance enhancements and stability improvements.

Fancy giving it go? You can view more details via the Viber website linked below. Now about that BlackBerry 10 version Viber..

Download Viber v2.4 beta with voice calling OTA