We've all either complained about it, or heard someone else complaining about it. "Why can't I get my Berry to vibrate AND ring at the same time?". RIM may be deaf, but Fabian Heuwieser listened. In addition to his awesome apps like LaunchPads and SMS Display ON, along comes VibAndRing. This simple app will allow your device to both vibrate AND ring together for incoming calls (unlike the native profile which can online vibrate before ringing).

VibAndRing allows you to set the number of vibration bursts and delay time, so you can setup the vibration to your liking. Overall a great app that you shouldn't miss. It takes up very little device memory and at only $8.95, it's a must have in my opinion. And apparently a whole lot of you agree with me, as VibAndRing currently rings in at #4 on's Best Sellers' list.  Don't forget to check out Fabian's other applications too!