BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor

For those that need to keep an eye on the memory usage on their BlackBerry 7.1 devices, a new version of the Application Resource Monitor has recently been released in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. There are two primary new features in this build...

1. Fragmented Memory Detection - This new feature will monitor the percentage of flash no longer available for system use due to memory fragmentation. When device memory becomes badly fragmented, it could lead to a degraded user experience. The feature will monitor and automatically take preventative action by default. Options exist to disable detection, change the timing of detection, and to disable automatic recovery.

2. Low Memory Detection - This new feature will monitory the available free memory on the device. When free memory gets too low, it could lead to a degraded user experience. There are many reasons a device could run low on memory but when this occurs, this new feature will prompt to user to either restart the device or close the offending application that is consuming too much memory. An option exists to disable detection.

After logging into your Beta Zone account, you can sign up for the Application Resource Monitor beta program here. How many of you guys use the Application Resource Monitor regularly? Does it help out a lot? 

Via: BerryReview