Verizon's new XXL plan offers 18GB of data for 00

Verizon has added another option to its new data plan buckets, with an XXL package that offers 18GB of shareable data for $100 per month. Previously, the XL was the biggest bucket, which had 12GB of shareable data, and ran $80 a month. The new plan brings 6GB more to the table, for $20 more per month. The full list of plans now include:

  • S: $30/month for 1GB of shareable data
  • M: $45/month for 3GB of shareable data
  • L: $60/month for 6GB of shareable data
  • XL: $80/month for 12GB of shareable data
  • XXL: $100/month for 18GB of sharable data

In addition to the monthly data fee, there is also a $20 fee per line, which gives you unlimited talk and text. The XXL option is available for only a limited time, so if you need the extra data, you will want to act quickly as Verizon has not said when it is valid through. Will you be switching to the new XXL plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Verizon

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