I'm all about instant gratification. I'm a huge fan of overnight shipping on Amazon (I'm somewhat of an addict) and would love for it to be even faster some days, but I suppose that's asking for a lot. 

Verizon on the other hand is kicking things up in Philadelphia with a new pilot program to offer same-day delivery on all device orders. Customers in the area who order devices with or without accessories at verizonwireless.com will be eligible for same-day delivery in addition to standard and overnight options. Orders placed before 10am Monday through Friday will arrive the same day by 7pm at a fee of $19.99 - just $5 more than the priority overnight price of $14.99.

Verizon plans to expand the program to other areas including New York City, Dallas, San Francisco and Pittsburgh soon as well. 

This is a great step to tech addicts and something we hope to see expand to even more markets and other carriers in the future. After all, who wouldn't want to get their device the day they order it, without having to leave the house?