BlackBerry 8530 (Aries) Showing Up In Verizon Systems!

While the BlackBerry Curve 8520 has already launched on several GSM carriers, the CDMA version still has yet to roll out. Historically (think Curve 8330, Pearl 8130), the release of a CDMA version of a BB can often be a year delayed from the GSM debut. That said, new information posted over at BerryScoop shows that the device previously codename aries, the Curve 8530 (we had an early look at it), is most surely on its way to Verizon eventually and showing up in two colors -- Black And Lavendar -- but take note the SKU's available are not those of devices, but the dummy phones which Verizon uses as placeholders. At this point it doesn't seem as though there has been much fanfare for the 8520 or the 8530 from the hardcore crowd, but it really is a solid device for the new smartphone owner. If you haven't played with the trackpad on the 8520 yet, you should drop by a T-Mobile shop asap, or hopefully soon enough, a Verizon store to check it out.