Verizon Storm Site Updated!

** Update: In San Francisco TODAY? Check out the BlackBerry Storm Challenge that's going on right now! 100 FREE Storms to be won! *

* Update: Weird.. for some people the old static landing page is still loading, for others it's the new site. Not sure what's up with this! *

I just received five emails in the last five minutes from CrackBerry readers saying the Verizon Storm site has been updated! As I type this I'm still getting served up the old site, but the screencap sent in above (thanks Nathan!) shows what's in store. * update - new site now loading fine for me! *

In addition to the standard device features and specs stuff on the new and improved teaser site, a BlackBerry STORM Hunt (screw Easter Eggs!) has been planned for Manhattan from November 6th to 15th, so those who would kill for a chance to get their hands-on a Storm early might be lucky enough to do just that. To enter you need to locate the BlackBerry Storms that have been hidden around the city to find the keyword to enter the contest. Five grand prize winners will win a BlackBerry Storm and a $50 Verizon Wireless gift card. For full contest details and for more information on the Verizon Storm, check out the site at