Buy Your Storm on November 13th!

* Update: BG just posted a story showing that Best Buy is set to have the Verizon BlackBerry Storm in stock for November 16th. Keep in mind the actual walk-into-the-store-and-buy date could be one or two after that. What's that mean for the 13th date mentioned below? Could already be defunct, or could be that Verizon stores will have it for a few days first before it hits other retailers. I like to error on the side of caution though (and these dates always seem to change to don't they?!), so why don't we all just think third or last week of November... and if it arrives sooner we can all be happily surprised! :-) *

I guess saying the release date of the BlackBerry Storm has been "pushed back" is a bit of a stretch seeing as how it has yet to be officially announced, but the word leading up to this change in date was a November 9th availability (a Sunday, meaning you could likely pick the device up in store come Monday morning on the 10th).

We're now hearing that date has been pushed back to Thursday, November 13th. I can live with that, so long as we don't start seeing an AT&T Bold-like series of delays (don't think that'll happen in this case). Will follow up with more details as they emerge, so stay tuned!