If you're on Verizon and using a BlackBerry Z10, then you may have noticed a new update has landed on your device. While other areas have already received the OS software version update, Verizon has decided to throw a little bit of confusion into the mix by releasing OS with software version Although the changelog is technically old, given the OS Verizon had previously, what you see on your device if you got the update is actually pretty correct.

  • Enhanced attachment view for emails
  • Easily switch between personal and work settings through customized Quick Settings
  • Support for SD cards 64GB and higher
  • And more

If you're seeing the update on Verizon, accept it and enjoy the fact that Verizon finally sent out an update with some actual device enhancements, even though it's coming later than some others. For everyone else not on Verizon who might want the update, anyone can install this OS now that it is official by way of using autoloaders created from the OS.

Thanks to Thurask and everyone else for getting the autoloaders together!

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