Although some folks have seen it arrive a bit earlier, it seems as though Verizon has now pushed another round of updates for BlackBerry Z30 owners. This time, software release, OS version is appearing via the OTA update system. The change log is recycled from previous release but we know the update includes general bug fixes and improvements over the previous releases.

Upgrade your Z30 now to discover new and improved features: - More ways to organize and customize the BlackBerry Priority Hub - Enhanced attachment view for emails - Easily switch between personal and work settings through customized Quick Settings - Support for SD cards 64GB and higher - And more. . . For a full list of changes visit

Before beginning the update we recommend that you make a backup of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and connect to a power source. You may use your device during the update process. A restart is required to complete the update. Restart could take 10 minutes or longer in some cases.

If you've not already taken matters into your own hands and updated your OS through the various other methods available, then you should go ahead and accept the update that Verizon is pushing out. If you've already accepted the update, then let others know in the comment how it's working out for you this far.

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