One Million BlackBerry Storms

Yesterday's WSJ article which touted that the BlackBerry Storm was off to a bumpy start was enough to make the value of RIM's shares drop a few %. Ouch. Today Verizon responded with their fourth quarter earnings results, which in contrast have pegged the Storm as their big winner for the quarter. Via Computer World:

The BlackBerry Storm smart phone, put on sale Nov. 21 exclusively by Verizon in the U.S., has sold 1 million units through January, company officials said today.

"That's not a bumpy start," a spokeswoman said today, in reaction to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal that characterized the rollout and a quick software update as "bumpy."

The success in the wireless segment included sales of the Storm, which was built by Research in Motion Ltd. Today's earnings statement included a few short references to how "customers across the country lined up to purchase the new BlackBerry Storm," when it went on sale Nov. 21. 

Congrats on a Million! Call it a winner or a loser, you can't argue that CrackBerry Nation has grown by leaps and bounds with the launch of RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. I can't wait to see what version two looks like! 

[ via Computer World ]