Verizon PTT

Ok, well it looks like things weren't 100% go on the Verizon PTT release for the Tour. While the software was seen floating around and is available to download, you still can't actually activate PTT on the Tour 9630. We got some info that Push to Talk online training has begun for Verizon employees, and from the looks of things the software and service will be officially available for the Tour on March 30th ($5/month for the addition of PTT to a data plan). While most are left scratching their heads wondering why Big Red is launching the service on the Tour in the first place, apparently Verizon's plan is to "increase our PTT customer base in 2010 ... by winning over customers from the competition and encouraging some of our current BlackBerry Smartphone customers to begin using the PTT service." So while the software is ready to go, if you are planning to use PTT on your Tour it looks like you'll need to wait another week or so before you can actually activate the feature.