Well, Verizon has finally fired up their preorders for the BlackBerry Q10. We've know for a while that June is when the US carriers would be getting in on the Q10 fun, we just weren't sure as to exactly when. 

Just yesterday, T-Mobile announced that the Q10 would be arriving on June 5th, and now Verizon is offering up preorders with a "ship by" date of June 6th. That means the official release should be right around the end of next week, but we'll certainly find out more on that in the next few days. 

The Verizon Q10 is available in black or the exclusive white version and will run you $200 on a 2-year contract. Those of you looking to pick one up sans-contract will have to cough up around $600 for the privilege.

If you're planning on picking up a Q10 from Verizon, head over to their preorder page now at the link below.

Preorder a BlackBerry Q10 from Verizon

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