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The folks over at Android Central have dropped some information about Verizon and their 3G grandfathered unlimited data plans. Right now, it may not mean a whole lot to BlackBerry users as the changes are only limited to those on 3G plans who are going to 4G plans when upgrading their devices. It is worth noting though, due to the fact that 4G LTE equipped BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks are on their way.

Verizon has plans to kill the current unlimited data add-on and force users to a shared pool of tiered data. Speaking at today's 40th annual J.P. Morgan Technology, Media, and Telecom conference, Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo stated that all customers will be migrated off of current unlimited data plans and on to a new data-share plan to launch this summer. "Everyone will be on data share", according to Shammo. As people renew contracts and move to new 4G LTE smartphones and other devices, their current data plan will no longer be available. There was no mention what would happen to current LTE subscribers, but we imagine they too will be pushed towards the new sharing plans.

Again, if you're making use of a BlackBerry right now and looking to upgrade to a new one, you should be ok and not be affected by these changes. However, if Verizon picks up a 4G LTE BlackBerry sometime in the near future, you'll have some choices to make.

Source: Android Central

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