Verizon to Buy Alltel - Is This the End of Alltel Guy?Our bud Dieter over at WMExperts has reported that Verizon is gearing up to buy Alltel.

Verizon is reportedly coughing up $5.9 billion in cash, and will take on $22.2 billion in debt for a total investment of $28.1 billion dollars. Yikers, now that's a lot of cash!

Alltel had been rumored to be hunting for a buy-out for some time now, and this just serves to confirm that rumor.

Lets hope that Alltel customers get the same level of quality, customer service that Alltel provided (at least that's what I hear). With Verizon becoming, dare I say it... a 'behemoth', one would think that customer service might suffer a tad? On the flip side, Alltel 'widows' will probably enjoy improved roaming on Verizon's network.

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