I like to finish what I start, so we're rounding out our trifecta of unboxing videos with the last of the major US carriers to launch the BlackBerry Z10, Verizon. We started by unboxing the AT&T Z10. Then we unboxed the T-Mobile Z10. Sprint is being lame and not offering the Z10 (though they will be carrying the Q10 and there are rumors of another touch BB going to them), so you won't see us unboxing a Sprint Z10 anytime soon. 

Verizon may be last, but they are certainly not least. Every person I know on Verizon is almost fanatical about how much they love Verizon's coverage and service, and Verizon has the US exclusive on the BlackBerry Z10 in white. The Z10 in white is HOT, and that's the color we picked up. The Z10 is a flagship phone, and is available for $199 on a 2 year contract, or you can buy it outright for $599. 

Verizon's Z10 box is pretty basic. All black, with a Verizon logo on the top and a BlackBerry logo on the bottom. Pulling the Z10's box out of its sleeve, we immediately noticed the label stating that our Z10 was manufactured in Canada. To date, I think every Z10 I have handled has been made in Mexico, but it's looking like the Verizon line is coming directly out of Waterloo. 

Inside the box things are pretty basic and minimal. The phone, battery and charg / sync cable and power adapter are there, and that's it. Also interesting to note is that the white model still came with a black cable and power adapter (in Canada the white models shipped with a white cable and power adapter). There's no case. There's no headset. No need to worry though, as ShopCrackBerry.com has your back.. err phone.. covered. You can pick up cases, batteries, headsets and other BlackBerry Z10 accessories directly from the #1 online BlackBerry accessory store.

Verizon's carrier branding on the Z10 is more pronounced than we have seen from any other carrier to date. Beyond the Verizon and 4G LTE logo on the back of the phone, the Verizon logo is also on the top front left corner of the phone. It's a little more branding than I'd ideally like to see, but I'm over complaining about it. I was really happy with the BlackBerry Z10 signage we saw in the Verizon store we visited today, so if the trade-off is a little more Verizon branding on the device, I'll take it.

Hit up the video above for our ritual unboxing. And if you want to see more of the Z10 in action, be sure to visit our BlackBerry 10 in 10 minutes video.