Verizon BlackBerry Z10

If you've been wondering how carrier branding may show up on BlackBerry 10 phones, this leaked image that just popped up on the internet gives us a clue. The BlackBerry Z10 on the left shows clear Verizon branding on the upper left corner of the phone. The phone on the right is apparently the AT&T version, but we're not seeing any carrier branding on this one... yet. It's likely this will vary a bit from carrier to carrier.

The Verizon branding is subtle, but effective. We'd rather have our BlackBerry's free of carrier branding, but if you are going to have carrier branding, this location isn't too bad. More than carrier-free branding, we want to see big time carrier support for BlackBerry 10 - whatever it takes to get that done is fine with us.

The image was posted first on Business Insider, and was apparently sourced by a person who's testing both Verizon and AT&T variants of the BlackBerry Z10. The tester also gave his opinion of the Z10, which he said had great build quality, a great screen, a fast web browser (as quick as desktop browser) that supports flash and that the boot up time is less than a minute. These are all things we love to hear.

January 30th's BlackBerry 10 launch event can't come soon enough! 

Source: Business Insider via CrackBerry Forums