You have a brand new Verizon BlackBerry Z10 that you're just itching to accessorize but aren't quite sure where to start. There are plenty of cases, chargers, headsets and other accessories to get you going and we've rounded up some of the best. Getting a new case for your Verizon Z10 can help you cover up that ugly branding or help showcase your exclusive white device. No mater what you're needs, we've got you covered. Keep reading to check out the best accessories for the Verizon BlackBerry Z10.


Unlike AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon users get the choice of a black or white Z10. This means you may have to put a bit more thought into your choice of case. For a lot of cases you have a color choice as well, so you want to make sure that whatever you choose looks great with your device.

Something like the Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case or Poetic Atmosphere are great for adding a pop of color to your device without totally covering it up. Cases like these let your color choice shine through while adding a bit of flair.

Poetic Atmosphere

Alternatively, some of you may want to pick a case that covers the Verizon branding on the top of the Z10 if that's not your thing. Luckily we've picked out a few great cases that will do the job. 

Cases like the OtterBox Defender Series or Incipio DualPro Hard Case will take care of this for you. These cases have an overlap that covers the top front and bottom of your Z10 so you won't be bothered by the pesky Verizon branding.

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Chargers and Batteries

For your Verizon Z10 you'll get a charger included in the box, but if you need a spare for another room, travel or even in your car, we can help you there as well. You can pick up the BlackBerry micro USB Power Plug in both black and white to match your device. While most in-vehicle chargers come in black, there are a few white ones offered as well.

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It looks like Verizon opted to leave out any sort of headset with the Z10, so if you're in the market for one you can check out some of our favorites like the BlackBerry Premium Stereo HeadsetIncipio f08 Hi Fi Stereo Earbuds or the NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones. All of these provide a great solution for on the go audio. 

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More Accessories

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