BlackBerry Storm2 Launching October 28th

Now this looks promising! In the past few minutes two big things have happened that point to Verizon launching the BlackBerry Storm 9550 on October 28th:

1. Member DonNguyen posted a Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 launch document in the forums, that goes through the device in detail and points to the October 28th date. BE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT... we're talking Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 stuff in detail. See Forum Post | View .pdf

2. Our pal big-g just sent in the photo above snapped from the ever-popular Verizon intranet blog showing an update to the BlackBerry Storm2 post that also points to the October 28th launch date.

Hopefully this means the BlackBerry Storm2 is back on track to getting announced and will be available for purchase soon.