Verizon Storm Training Manual

Just because I'm down at the BlackBerry Developer Conference doesn't mean I'm not keeping one eye on the good 'ole tips @ inbox. Good thing too, or I may have missed the email that came in from an anonymous tipster pointing me to THIS LINK.

What do get after you click and download? How does a 56-page Verizon training manual sound?!! When it comes the BlackBerry Storm we already know most of what there is to know, but there are a few good images and close-ups and details/explanations in here that are worth checking out if you're one of that many who have been caught in the Storm.

It's sort of a funny document to browse through - it's actually a workbook. I guess this is what Verizon tech support employees take home to test themselves that they are up to speed on a phone. When you read through, be sure to fill in all of the blanks! And no, you don't win a free Storm if you get them all right. You'll need to do something a BIT WACKIER for that. :-)