Verizon BlackBerry Storm Website is Up!

Update 4: Wow, now the Verizon Video (linked to below) is only available to Verizon employees who enter a username/password. No longer available for public viewing direct from Verizon.

Update 3: Verizon Storm site is live again!

Update 2: The Storm teaser site still appears to be down, but Verizon has now made the Minute with Mike BlackBerry Storm announcement video available for public viewing! CLICK HERE TO WATCH! >>

Update: We're here for a good time, not a long time! It seems Verizon's Storm page is no longer working (for me and quite a few others anyways). Click the image above and see where you go.... I'm now getting kicked back to the Verizon Wireless b2c homepage. **

If you can call it a site! Not much there, but you can enter your email address to sign up for Email Alerts on the upcoming Verizon BlackBerry Storm. Hopefully they'll update it in the days and weeks ahead with more images and video. I can't wait to see the Storm in FULL OUT ACTION! Think the scrolling action will be silky and smooth?

Just point your browser to