Verizon to get OS on October 28th

*Update: And OS it will be. Users can expect to start getting deskotp manager and PIN alerts on the 25th, with a fall back day set for Monday, the 26th. New Storms sold on the 26th or later will ship with the upate installed. *

* Update: LOL... See..this is why I say "dates on things like this can change."  Apparently it already has. An updated photo now shows the date is the 26th instead of the 25th. Looks like they changed it to be Monday instead of Sunday..which does make sense. But heck, we've received more tips saying it'll be 7pm Saturday, and it's version .323 and not .328. I guess we'll know soon either way. *

The title on this post says it all. It looks like OS 5.0, version to be exact, will be rolled out to BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners next week! Another image below looks at some of the VZW training materials. And it looks like another shot of this popped up in the forums to from SpoiledFruit if you want to take a closer look. Pretty interesting. Keep in mind dates on things like this can always change, but now it looks like BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners will have a chance to "officially" feel OS 5.0 on their Storm1 before they head into the store to decide if they want to buy Storm2!

The only other question now is when will everybody else start seeing OS 5.0 on their devices? Hopefully this is a sign that it will be long before year end.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS Update

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