The announcement and launch of the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550/9520 is fast approaching, and this time around on the pre-release device video front our pal Sal is walking us through a Verizon-branded unit that is rocking an up to date OS in version ( is actually newest, but .287 isn't that far off!). Sal has been doing a great job entertaining us over the past couple months with his early-look vids, but in past videos the firmware on the devices was still relatively early stage and lagging behind what was in development. This time both the hardware and OS are fresh, meaning this is the first video that's giving you a good look at something that is/is close to what you'll be able to walk out of the store with when the Storm 2 goes on sale. This walk-through is long and in depth - a definte must-watch for all the Storm 2 chasers out there. Great vid sal!

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