Verizon BlackBerry 9530

Master Verizon tipster Kevin Byrne just posted the above image over at HoFo. It seems the SKU for the RIM BlackBerry BB9530 Global is now in Verizon's system!!

Read between the lines on Kevin's post, and it seems like the Thunder may just be a "BlackBerry Storm" after all, though there is a "T" after the 9530 in the image above which sort of screams Thunder. I guess time will tell both the final release name and if the October 13th announcement date Kevin is predicting holds true. I sure hope so. Oh, and after the jump we've got a new photo of a Touchscreen BlackBerry spotted in the wild.

BlackBerry Touchscreen BlackBerry Spotted in the Wild...

BlackBerry 9530 spotted in the wild?
RIM's iPhone Killer Spotted in the Wild

Made ya look!! I guess it's more like "Spotted in a Gas Station" vs "Spotted in the Wild". Dieter snapped this photo and emailed it to me last night (dirty trick - the email subject line had me all excited) and I just couldn't resist posting. Consider it some Friday CrackBerry humor. But seriously, this beauty does feature BlackBerry navigation, and a nice BIG touchscreen display. I wonder if it's rocking OS4.7?! :-)