These days security is a top concern for everyone out there. VeriSign has stepped into the BlackBerry world to further assist with the needs of users in helping protect their personal information. VeriSign Identity Protection is a security based application which extends the layer of protection beyond your simple username and password by creating a unique one time password for all your registered sites and services every 30 seconds.

When logging in to any of your registered services you no longer need to worry about someone obtaining your username and password. If at the chance it was obtained, the unique login would be changed every 30 seconds to something only you would know. This type of protection is used in many environments, be it business or consumer level for VeriSign to make this available for everyone is a great offering. If security is among your concerns, be sure to check it out. Currently VeriSign Identity Protection is available via BlackBerry App World and for those who prefer a direct download you may visit the VeriSign mobile site for the download (note - latest devices like Storm2 / 9700 are not showing in App World yet so us the direct download).

  • Download VIP Via BlackBerry App World >>
  • Download VIP Direct From VeriSign >>

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