BlackBerry Curve 8320 by ColorWare

Wow. Two Thumbs up for ColorWare and their new RapidReturn service! Before the effects of BlackBerry withdrawal could even begin to take effect, my Curve was already back in my hands, now pimped in SMOKE WHITE! The paint job is Fantastic. More pics after the jump!!

The Nice Box ColorWare Ships your RapidReturn Curve Back In ColorWare Blackberry Curve

ColorWare BlackBerry Curve ColorWare Blackberry Curve

ColorWare BlackBerry Curve and White iPhone 3G ColorWare Blackberry Curve and White iPhone 3G

The all white paint job has given me a renewed love for my Curve 8320 as I sit waiting for the BlackBerry Bold to be released. 

The RapidReturn service isn't cheap -- it starts at $129 -- but if you're a BlackBerry 8310 or 8320 owner/addict living in the United States and device customization is a priority and in your budget, ColorWare's RapidReturn service is top notch. You can also buy a brand new customized Curve straight from ColorWare (starting at $499) if you're looking to buy new.

If you've never visited ColorWare's website before, definitely check it out. Warning - you will spend a lot of time playing in the Design Studio trying to figure out which color to paint your BlackBerry!