While many prefer to leave their device naked, unfortunately that is not an option for me. Less than twenty four hours after receiving my LE, I somehow managed to drop it from my desk at work onto the floor. In this instance there were no scratches but I immediately navigated to the ShopCrackBerry page and picked up the Ventev Colorclick Pro Case for the BlackBerry Z10. I prefer holsters, so this choice was a no brainer. Let's take a look at how it holds up with my day to day routine.

As a case and holster combo, it offers a plastic hard shell case that protects the sides and back of your BlackBerry Z10. All of the buttons, ports, and camera are accessible via the cutouts to allow for full functionality. The holster offers a felt lining to protect the display and once locked inside offers sold and durable protection from the pitfalls of everyday use. As of now the case is only offered in two colors which are red and black.  

  • Case and Holster combo
  • Durable hard plastic shell
  • Swivel clip holster
  • Access to all ports, buttons, screen and camera
  • Protects against drops and impacts
  • Felt-lined holster protects screen

Normally, I prefer full body, heavy duty protection. I've come to terms with my klutziness and the Z10 is not something I want to see shattered on the sidewalk. The Ventev is thin, lightweight, and most of the time doesn't even feel like it's there.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my LE but the smooth back doesn't sit quite right. The Ventev back is textured with no chance of it slipping from your hands. While protection is minimal (only the back and sides are covered), this does provide the best of both worlds for those who do not want to completely cover the beauty of their Z10. I did not find it to be flimsy and even when paired with the holster is quite sturdy. In addition, the Ventev case does not detract from showing it off nor hinder gestures from working when swiping from side to side.

For those, like myself, who can't be without a holster the good news is it does a decent job of staying put. I admit to being spoiled by the many BlackBerry and Seidio holsters owned over the years. In that respect, I wish this one did a better job of latching onto the device. As it does not employ a spring clip, it just snaps on over the top. You must be careful as sometimes if you are too fast, it won't extend all the way over the top. It may need an extra minute or two to make sure it stays secure, but there is no difficulty in removing and no chance of it slipping from your hands onto the floor while performing this action. 

Installing and removing is a simple process, yet I worry the case will snap because of its rigidity. While the lack of flexibility won't deter users, just note there is a tendency to break a nail or snap the sides. In the case of the latter, I do recommend that you remove from the left hand side first as the right is rather thin from the volume button cutouts. 


  • Lightweight / No bulk
  • Firm grip
  • Durable in holster and offers a snug fit
  • Protected on sides and back 
  • Slim / stylish

The Bad

  • Leaves corners and top and bottom unprotected
  • Holster clip does not always allow for it to be inserted properly 
The Bottom Line

For the price, this is a reasonable option for light to moderate protection. It works well without the holster and prevents scratches from the back and sides caused by occasional drops. However, while it is durable for occasional spills on carpeting and everyday use, concrete and other hard surfaces may not be the same. For the purposes of this review, though, I am reluctant to try that scenario out. Even with its faults, I do find it to be a decent case and no damage has befallen my Z10 while using it.