Velocity Browser

Update - an extra 500 copies have just been added in addition to the original 50

Now don't get me wrong; I love the native BlackBerry 10 browser, but I wanted to give you a heads up on a nice alternative if you fancy a change. Velocity Browser with Ad Blocker is actually an Android port but it works beautifully and it's fast. I've been testing it out on my Q10 and I've been quite surprised at what a nice experience it is.

As the name suggests; one of the big bonus features here is that the browser will remove those annoying adverts we find on so many web pages - therefore giving you the most out of your screen real estate - nice.

As you'll see from the following list, there are a bunch of great features - most interesting (in my opinion) is the text reflow option. We became so used to that on legacy devices and the developer has decided to bring it back to enhance the browsing experience.

Full features include:

  • Tabbed browsing (tap and hold on a link to open in new tab)

  • Ad blocker

  • Full screen browsing

  • Text reflow – when you zoom in text will re-align to fit your screen.

  • Mobile, Desktop and custom user agents

  • Incognito mode – privacy mode, keeps sites from tracking you and doesn't log any traces

  • Save passwords

  • Restore your last visited sites when opening the app automatically

  • Set custom text size

  • Ultra fast browsing

  • Customized start page

Velocity Browser with Ad Blocker is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will set you back a mere $0.99. Pretty good value if you fancy a change from the built in browser.

The developer has kindly given us 50 free copies, but you'll need to be quick. Just hit up BlackBerry World, pull down from the top bezel, select 'Redeem' and enter the code VELOCITYCB. The price will then change to free!

So if you get it for free be sure to post your thoughts in the comments for others to see.

More information/Download Velocity Browser for BlackBerry 10