Vector Wars

Between work, blogging, and commuting, there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting back with a good game to relax. The latest release from FileArchiveHaven, named Vector Wars, is a simple top-down shooting game that pits your newly graduated from the academy character at the heart of an epic space battle. Your job is to eliminate the enemy fighters to protect Anna, the folks on the mothership, and exact revenge on all of the space aliens that cross your path. During this venture, you'll also have to face the sarcasm and witty banter of your cohorts, which is quite entertaining.

The result of that effort is what you see before you with Vector Wars. All you have to do is press and hold on the screen to move the ship and use a second touch to fire your weapon. At the start of the game your ship is a small green triangle with which to navigate across the screen. Being able to duck and dodge enemy ships all while trying to blast them is not an easy task. Though I must say the controls do take a bit getting used to at first.

There is an array of enemies to fight, various upgrades and achievements to earn and unlock, three different types of ships, a cross platform online scoring system, and supports for the Moga HID Bluetooth Gamepad.


  • In-app free and advertisement free
  • Engage a dozen different types of enemies, with varying speed, strength and skill
    • Watch out for the space choppers! They will try to hunt you down
  • There are 3 types of ships to unlock
    • Do you want to sacrifice speed for power and defense?
    • A faster ship with a quicker reload?
    • Or the stock-issued standard model ship (by the way, we believe it's name is Betsy)
  • Optional cross platform online score system
  • 22 different unlockable upgrades for your ships
    • Make them faster, add more default lives, or make your ship stronger!
  • Fluid onscreen touch controls
  • Support for all BlackBerry 10 devices
  • 11 different unique achievements to earn
  • Many many more!

This game is passion project for the developer FileArchiveHaven. The details surrounding the making and release of Vector Wars demonstrates the dedication developers put towards their work.

If you love retro style arcade games and don't mind some snark along the way you'll enjoy Vector Wars. When it comes to gaming the best ones I find are the ones that are old school. You can find it for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $1.99.

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