Vanessa's CornerThe first seconds I started to play Jounce, I thought it was a “Space Invaders” with a bad name. I must admit I’m from the Atari generation. Remember back when a game was to entertain and kill time as opposed to today’s big hits where the goal is to kill each other? Call me old fashioned but I like games that are fun. And Jounce is a challenging, puzzle-like, fun game. You don’t need to read a manual to learn how to play it (who has time for this anymore?) and it can be played with one hand on the thumb wheel. I particularly like the fact that you can stop and go back to the game exactly where you left off. Your boss comes in, you stop. Your boss leaves, you restart. Get the drift? As the levels progress, bombs, worm holes and angled walls are introduced to spice things up and complicate the game a little bit more. No “lives”, no “energy” or any other stress-inducing things. I’ll give you three good reasons to pay the $9.99 Jounce is sold for:

  • a delayed flight
  • a dentist’s waiting room (’cause you know all they have is a 1998 boating magazine for you to read)
  • a friend that you love having lunch with but is always late

The game features 45 levels and it will keep your mind going for hours with its colorful graphics and a retro-space background.

I was wrong. Jounce is not a “Space Invaders” with a bad name. It’s an addictive game for smart people. And I’m slowly warming up to the name…

A trial version with the first 10 levels can be downloaded here.

Jounce Screenshots
Screenshots of Jounce

 ## This Article Was Originally Published by on January 22nd, 2007