Vaja Classic Case for the BlackBerry 8800Out of the box I could tell this case was a beauty. The Classic Case for the BlackBerry 8800 definitely classes things up. It looks sharp and professional.

The one thing I noticed immediately once I put my 8800 in this case is that it made me happy. Very happy. The one major thing that had been bothering me about the 8800 was its 'creakiness' or perhaps even dare I say its lower than average build quality. I've found when squeezing the silver sides of my 8800 that it emits a creaking noise... It sounds and looks cheap, and from the moment I got the 8800 I was afraid the thing was going to break in my hands. Well, the good news for me is now that the 8800 is in this leather case, the noises I was hearing have been eliminated. The case is snug enough to hold the unit tight and compact. Yes!

The 8800 fits perfectly into the case. Nice and snug. I've taken the 8800 in and out of it 3 or 4 times now and it gets slightly easier each time as the leather loosens up a bit. That being said, it is still a snug, perfect fit and there is no concern of my berry coming free of the case.

Removing the BlackBerry 8800 from the Vaja Classic Case

Popping your 8800 out of the case is easy too. Just hold the top of the case with your index finger, and push from the bottom with your thumb. It's best to make sure your berry is locked or in stand-by when you do this, as many of the buttons will get pressed!

Screen protection with this unit is also solid. There is a clear, thick plastic screen protector that shields the 8800 from scratching and damage. Since this particular unit has no belt clip (and yes Vaja does offer 2 clip options!) I've been slipping this case in my jacket or pants pocket. The screen protector does its job very nicely. I find I have to pop out the 8800 from time to time to clean out dirt and dust from on and under the screen protector, but this is nothing major.

Vaja Classic Case for the 8800 - side view

You can also customize this case with choice of color (31 color choices between 2 types of leather), or the addition of laser etched text or graphics on the back. So not only is it quality, you can truly have Vaja build you a one of a kind case that no one else in the world will have. Kind of cool.

As with all things 'Vaja' we've reviewed thus far, the classic case for the BlackBerry 8800 is a solid unit. Sturdy, solid, classy and professional. The quality is there and it shows. Anyone looking for a top of the line case for their 8800 should definitely consider picking up one of these.

The Classic Case for the BlackBerry 8800 starts at $60 USD, and goes all the way up to $116 USD depending on the options you choose. (colors, leather, engraving, etc.)

Quick Side Note:
Vaja also offers the same case with a flip top. Called the 'Classic Top'. This one comes with a flip top and magnetic closure... In addition, there is an automatic stand-by magnet in the flip top to put your berry in stand-by when you close the case.

Thanks again to Fabian and everyone at Vaja for sending this case for review.

Fore more info, visit Vaja Cases.