uZard Web Browser For BlackBerry Shows Some Promise

As BlackBerry users, the choices for browsers on our devices really are not that broad. Sure we have Opera Mini, we have Bolt and we have the built in BlackBerry browser. We could have had Skyfire but they suffered from failure to launch syndrom and have since moved on. While we know Webkit is in the works for our beloved devices we still have no indication as to when that may actually arrive. Many folks enjoy the options that are available and others simply just are looking for more.

As one of our forums moderators, Shao128 pointed out. We seemed to of have passed over another option. uZard is seemingly a beta browser for BlackBerry that offers a lot according to their website. Fast, desktop like experience with uploads and downloads of files included in the feature set. As well as on device conversion of flash videos. Having only tested it for a little while on my 9700 I can say it shows some promise but it may not meet the needs of all users. But, that's not to say it shouldn't be considered. Currently the site indicates it's available for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 but it does indeed run on other devices. Download, install and let us know what you think. It appears to have some issues on Storm devices so please, keep that in mind.

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