Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

YES. It's True. You can Wallpaper a BlackBerry. Wallpaper refers to the image on your BlackBerry's Home Screen. I guess you could call it a Home Screen Image, which is actually what RIM refers to it on the BlackBerry device itself, but calling it a wallpaper is just much more fun. What actually is a wallpaper? It's simply an image file, formatted to fit your BlackBerry's home screen.

The Image Size for BlackBerry displays are as follows. The display size refers to the width and height of an image in pixels. For example, a 360x480 image is 360 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall.

  • 71xx (Series) - 240x260
  • 72xx (Series) - 240x160
  • 75xx (Series - 240x160
  • 81xx (Series) - 240x260
  • 87xx (Series) - 320x240
  • 88xx (Series) - 320x240
  • Bold (9700) - 480x360
  • Bold (9650) - 480x360
  • Bold (9000) - 480x320
  • Curve (8900) - 480x360
  • Curve 320x240
  • Pearl 3G (9105) - 360x400
  • Pearl 3G (9100) - 360x400
  • Pearl Flip (8220) - 240x320
  • Storm (9530) - 360x480
  • Storm (9500) - 360x480
  • Storm 2 (9550) - 360x480
  • Storm 2 (9520) - 360x480
  • Torch (9800) - 360x480
  • Tour (9630) - 480x360

Remember, a wallpaper is not a BlackBerry Theme. Themes include icons, rollover effects, phone screen graphics, and more. Instead, a wallpaper is a part of a theme - simply the image that loads behind the icons/shortcuts on your BlackBerry's home screen. Wallpapers can be changed at any time, regardless of the theme.

How Do I get a BlackBerry Wallpaper on my Phone?

There are a few ways to load your BlackBerry up with Wallpapers:

  • Email the image (or a link to the image) to your BlackBerry.
  • Download it directly to your BlackBerry by visiting a website from your BlackBerry.
  • Snap a photo with your BlackBerry's camera, and save image or set as wallpaper.
  • Transfer it over to your BlackBerry via USB
  • Download the CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer's Wallpaper Gallery and Wallpaper Maker, both allow you to "Email This Wallpaper" to yourself. Simply enter the email address that goes to your BlackBerry, and an email will be sent to your phone. If you selected the option to include the wallpaper as an attachment, simply open the file attached to the email. From there, click your BlackBerry menu button and you will have the option to save the image or immediately set the picture as your Home Screen Image.

You can also click on the link contained in the same email. This will open your Berry's web browser where you can choose to either save the image or set it as Home Screen image. You can use these same steps to download images directly from your smartphone's web browser.

Your last option is to connect your BlackBerry to a computer via USB and transfer or sync the file. Using your BlackBerry just like a USB flash drive, you can copy your wallpaper from one folder to another. Desktop Manager will also allow you to sync the picture file to your device. These topics will be covered in further detail in other lectures. 

Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

This may be found in your media folder or the media tab.

Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

Find any image that you like. You can use camera images or pictures you've downloaded from emails, the web, and If you can find it in your pictures folder, you can use it as a wallpaper. 

Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

In your pictures folder, click the image you want to use to open and preview it. Depending on your BlackBerry, you may be able to use cropped images as wallpaper. Zoom in on your picture. Move the image around until you are happy with the cropping. After following the next step, your BlackBerry will use the cropped image as your wallpaper.

Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

Once you've selected your picture, press the BlackBerry Key to open the menu. Depending on your BlackBerry, you might not have the option to "Set as Wallpaper." In this case, choose "Set as Home Screen Image." Both accomplish the same thing.

Using Wallpapers on your BlackBerry

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