BlackBerry Mobile posted a short social video on their YouTube channel highlighting a unique feature found only on BlackBerry Android devices like the Priv and KEYone. While many loyalists are always aware of this feature within our community, it's great to see some marketing happening around this killer BlackBerry exclusive feature.

The touch keyboard shortcuts within the camera were first introduced on the BlackBerry Priv and since have been brought over to the BlackBerry KEYone. If you need a refresher, here are some of the abilities that BlackBerry Mobile is highlighting within the video.

Physical keyboard shortcuts for camera controls:

  • Swipe horizontally on keyboard to adjust the setting currently active
  • Swipe vertically on keyboard to change the active setting
  • Press the A key to return the active setting to Auto
  • Press and hold the A key to return all settings to Auto *Press the spacebar to take a picture

Overall, I enjoy making quick exposure changes to brighten a photo up and make it pop before I take the snap. It's thoughtful additions like this that we want BlackBerry to continue to expand on. For instance, while pressing A brings things back to auto, it'd be great to have additional shortcuts like M for manual, I for ISO, so on and so forth.

Outside of some blogs posts, BlackBerry never did much to promote these cool features, but this is the type of experience that is exclusive to keyboard BlackBerry Android devices and is part of what makes devices like the KEYone so endearing.

Do you use the keyboard gestures when using the camera? What are some other camera tips and tricks you enjoy on your BlackBerry Android smartphone?

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