Dropbox BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 offers some awesome Dropbox integration on devices. By connecting your Dropbox account, you can use the built-in file manager to browse and open all of your Dropbox files, right on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

This means that all of your Dropbox files are readily accessible right on your phone including music, movies, photos and documents. You can easily transfer items back and forth, and if you connect Dropbox to your computer, have a simple file transfer solution.

All of your folders and files will be localized on your BlackBerry 10 device so you can seamlessly use Dropbox right on your phone to manage all of your Dropbox files on the go. 

The integration is pretty awesome and once you're set up you won't have to touch anything. All of your Dropbox items are kept in sync with your device and you can manage them from either end.

Keep reading for more on how to use Dropbox with BlackBerry 10.

Setting up

For the initial setup, fire up the Connect to Dropbox app on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

Here you simply enter your credentials and verify the connection (after choosing a new or existing account).

Wait a few minutes and your files will populate on your device.

Dropbox BlackBerry 10  Dropbox BlackBerry 10

  • To view and manage your Dropbox files from your phone you can use the native BlackBerry 10 file manager. Open File Manager, then swipe right for the navigation menu.
  • Tap Dropbox

Dropbox BlackBerry 10  Dropbox BlackBerry 10

Here you will see all of your connected Dropbox files and folders. You can manage any of these files the same as if they were stored locally on your device. 

The integration here is as good as it gets. You can view and manage all of your Dropbox items with no problem. Copy/move items, save to Dropbox folders, share files from Dropbox and much more.

Connecting to a computer

Dropbox BlackBerry 10

To kick things up the extra notch you can connect Dropbox to your computer as well making for easy phone to computer transfers. Yes, you can also use WiFi file transfer for this as well.

To connect Dropbox to your computer, just download the compatible app here.

Once installed and connected, you'll see all of your Dropbox folders listed just the same as on your device. If you feel like it you can even make a dedicated Transfer folder (as I've done) that solely acts as a go-between for moving files.  

Overall there really isn't anything bad to say about the Dropbox integration on BlackBerry 10. The integration is flawless and as of now, the only thing we'd like to see it automatic uploads like Box for photos and videos. It's just something that really needs to be there. (that should be coming soon however).