When I got my first BlackBerry way back when, I didn't care so much about keeping it locked with a password. As time went on however, I realized the importance of doing just that. On my Bold 9900 I used one of many pattern lock apps as it gave me a quick and easy way to secure my device without having to type in a password each time.

On BlackBerry 10, currently the only option is using a device password to keep things safe. I do find it a bit cumbersome at the moment, as you still have to swipe up the screen (or tap the lock button) then enter your password on the virtual keyboard. I think that having the option for a PIN or pattern lock would be much better suited for the BlackBerry Z10. Anyway - if you're looking to lock your device with a password, keep reading and we'll show you how.

  • To set the device password, tap the Settings icon, then Security and PrivacyDevice Password
  • Toggle Device Password on and enter a password
  • Choose how long to after the screen dims to lock the device. Press back to save

  • To unlock your device from sleep, swipe up on the screen or tap the lock button
  • Enter your password to unlock the device

As you can see, using a password on the Z10 is a bit ugly, but it gets the job done. You should keep your device locked with password - trust us on that one.