BB10 Ringtones

BlackBerry has always been about customization - from themes to wallpapers to ringtones, the ability to personalize your device has always been there. While BlackBerry 10 doesn't allow for themes, you can still add custom wallpaper and ringtones to make the device your own.

BlackBerry 10 isn't sport very many ringtones out of the box. The options are limited and, if you use a lot of apps like I do, you will quickly run out of tones for each one. For that reason I've loaded up a bunch of custom ringtones on my device so I have plenty to choose from. The process is super easy and only takes a few minutes, and it gives you endless options for ringtones on your BlackBerry 10 device. Keep reading to see how it's done!

There are various ways to get ringtones on your device. You can enable WiFi sync and transfer them from your computer, put them Dropbox or Box and access them on your device, or my personal favorite - drop them onto my SD card using USB Mass Storage (which we'll do here).

First off, you need to round up the ringtones you want to use. There is a great set of ringtones from OS5 and OS6 available so you can stick with some tones that you love from previous OS versions. You can use nearly sound files for ringtones including MP3 and M4A - so don't worry too much about the file format.

Once you have the tones you want to use you can get started.

  • Connect your SD card to your computer via microUSB. Make sure USB Mass Storage is enabled by going to Settings > Storage and Access and toggling USB Mass Storage on (more on that here). 
  • Once you're connected, you'll see your SD card on your computer as a removable drive. Open the drive and create a folder called Ringtones. You can also use a folder that's already on the device, I just like to keep things organized.
  • Drag and drop the ringtone files you want to use into the folder of your choosing. When the transfer is complete, eject the drive.

Your tones are now on your SD card and can be chosen from the notification settings on your device and used as you see fit. When browsing, choose Browse Tones then navigate to the folder on your SD card where you placed the files. That's it!