BBM iPhone

With the recent roll out of BBM 2.0, the additional feature of BBM Voice for our friends on iOS brings us all a step closer together. It's been great having the ability to send messages over BlackBerry Messenger with our iPhone buddies but now we can call them too - without leaving BBM

BBM voice works over data, so you can call any of your BBM contacts, anywhere around the world for free. This works on both 3G/4G as well as Wi-Fi so you shouldn't have any restrictions when it comes to making that important call. 

Getting to grips with using BBM Voice on iOS is as simple as peas - just follow these steps:

  • With a BBM contact selected for chat you should see a green phone logo at the top right of the display if they are online and available for a BBM Voice call. 
  • Tap the green tab phone icon.
  • The call will be initiated and even while talking you'll still be able to send messages/pictures etc. 

You'll notice three in-call tabs on the display for speaker phone, muting and ending the call. These can be hidden if you desire by pressing the upwards arrow tab at the top right of the screen. 

There you have it, a pretty sweet upgrade for team iOS. If you're a BlackBerry user with iPhone friends be sure to send them this link so they can start enjoying the benefits of BBM Voice.