A big deal for many Android users who have now updated to BBM 2.0 is the ability to now use BBM Voice. This is also great for us existing BlackBerry users, who have had BBM Voice for some time, as we can now utilize the feature with our buddies who use Android phones. 

With more and more people using data around the world it almost feels natural for us BlackBerry users to call a BBM contact through BlackBerry Messenger instead of making a phone call. The big difference here is that because we are using data, we can call any of our contacts anywhere in the world, for free. Sure, you'll need to either ensure you have a reasonable data package or you can just use Wi-Fi, but giving us the ability to cross platform call each other without leaving BBM is a huge bonus. 

And you'll be surprised at the call quality too. On each occasion I've used BBM Voice the call quality has been better than the likes of Skype in my opinion. 

Getting to grips with using BBM Voice on Android is a piece of cake - just follow these steps:

  • With a BBM contact selected for chat you should see a green phone logo at the top right of the display if they are online and available for a BBM Voice call. 
  • Tap the green tab phone icon.
  • The call will be initiated and even while talking you'll still be able to send messages/pictures etc. 

You'll notice three in-call tabs on the display for speaker phone, muting and ending the call. These can be hidden if you desire by pressing the upwards arrow tab at the top right of the screen. 

BBM Voice is just one of the new features that our Android friends can now use. If you're on team BlackBerry be sure to forward this link onto your Android counterparts so they can jump on the BBM Voice bandwagon.