BBM for iOS (as well as for Android and BlackBerry) has just seen an update. The biggest changes come to the the iOS and Android versions. In BBM 2.0 we see the addition of BBM Channels, BBM Voice, location sharing and more. With a big change means some things have switched around so we’ll take a closer look at BBM 2.0 on iOS.

When you jump into BBM you’ll find that the Contacts shortcut along the bottom is now replaced by Updates, so you can quickly see your contacts status updates and comment on them. You can filter these updates by All, Contacts or Channels. To access your contacts list use the tab menu on the left.

As mentioned one of the bigger additions to BBM 2.0 is BBM Channels. A micro-blogging type service where users can create a channel on their favorite topics, engaging in conversation with their subscribers. It has been available for BlackBerry users since November 2013 (in beta since May 2013) and it has plenty of well established Channels for you to discover. You can learn more and see how to follow Team CrackBerry in the BBM Channels section.

Another big addition to BBM 2.0 is BBM Voice. Allowing you to make VOIP calls over Wi-Fi and cellular, if permitted. To use BBM Voice, just jump into a chat conversation and you should find an icon in the top right corner - a speech bubble with a telephone in it. If this is green, then the contact is available for a BBM Voice call. It will be grayed out if they are not available. The quality of BBM Voice calls is awesome I highly recommend it to make calls to friends and family abroad.

BBM 2.0 iOS new chatBBM 2.0 iOS push-to-talk

Other new additions include new emoticons. Bringing you 100+ more ways to express yourself via BBM. You’ll also find the paperclip attachment icon has moved too. It’s now to the left of the text field for easier access. When you tap it you will also find some new options too. The option selected by default when you tap the paperclip icon is voice note. Pretty much Push-to-talk. Just tap and hold the microphone icon, speak, then let go to send the voice note. There’s camera icon for you to be able to quick snap a picture to send to your contact. And also a flower icon (the last icon) with a plus sign that gives you more attachment options. You can select a photo from your gallery (flower icon), send a calendar entry (date icon), send contact details, (person icon), send your location (map pin icon) and share a Dropbox file (Dropbox icon).

BBM 2.0 iOS file attachmentBBM 2.0 iOS Glympse

While you can send your location using the option described above, you’ll also find a ‘G’ icon in the main attachment selection area. This is a better way to share your location and it is powered by Glympse. When you tap the Glympse icon, it will use GPS to find your location and then you can send that information to a contact for a specified amount of time. From 5 minutes to 4 hours. The receiver has the option to view the map of your location for the stated amount of time, once the time has elapsed, the option to view disappears telling them it has expired.

BBM 2.0 is a nice big update on iOS and if you haven't got it yet. It's definitely time to try it out.

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