Auto On/Off

Getting into a daily workout routine can be a daunting task for some, and trying to make time for it on a daily basis can be even harder. Throughout the past month I have found that if a time was not scheduled in my mind to work out, odds are that a workout was not going to happen that day. After taking a look at my daily routine and trying to figure out which time slot worked best for me on a daily basis, I realized that was 8PM. Like just about every other BlackBerry user I find it rather hard to put my BlackBerry down for any period of time, especially to go work out. At some point technology definitely does become less helpful, and more distracting, so instead of allowing it to get in the way let's make sure that it is always helping.

While trying to think of ways to pry myself away from my phone, knowing that fitness was ultimately more important I remembered that the BlackBerry has an Auto On/Off feature that could definitely come in handy. Knowing that my workout would be starting right around 8PM on a daily basis, I set my phone to shut off at 7:55PM, and to turn back on around 9PM, after the time I would be finished working out. Setting this up is very simple, all you have to do is hop into the device settings and then select the option for Auto On/Off. The options are quite basic, it gives you the ability to set up a time to turn on and off for weekdays, and the weekend.

Once the times are set the device will automatically turn off and then back on at the preset times on a daily basis, without ever having to think of it again. How will this impact your workout routines? Not having the phone ringing, or dinging, or even buzzing will allow you to put full focus on what you are doing, and make the best out of each workout. Be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes before and after your planned workout, you don't need any distractions right before the workout begins and certainly don't want anything interrupting the ending of your workout.

Give it a shot, set the BlackBerry to shut down, and give yourself the time you need to be devoted to your fitness. Like most other things, if you are not going to give this your all, you aren't going to achieve the results you wish. This is just one of many of my workout tricks, what are some of yours? Be sure to hop in the forums and share with us some of your personal tips.

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